Maria Psoma

Chemist / Analytical Techniques Developer

I am Maria Psoma and I am a Chemist. I graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2012 and have worked in analytical laboratories since 2011. In my years of experience, I have worked with environmental, waste samples, as well as samples from the food, feed, packaging and drink industry. I have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of laboratory work, from sample handling, sampling and maintaining quality standards, to the development of methods, quality assurance procedures and technical consulting. My work in TeSMet is to develop methods and adjust existing ones to analyze new sample matrices deriving from the team’s experiments. Engaging with the team’s everyday issues not only fulfills my desire for knowledge but also helps me stay connected to my passion for traditional analytical chemistry.

Joining TeSMet in 2022, I was able to get back to bench work and face new analytical challenges. The team’s emphasis on creating innovative metallurgical technologies enables me to contribute to the resolution of critical industrial and materials science issues. It is an honor to me, being part of a team dedicated to solving some of the most pressing industrial and materials technology problems of our times. And it is also a joy, to be part of a team of intelligent, talented, results oriented people with a cooperative mindset.