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Inorganic synthesis

Our group’s goal is to develop technologies for a circular and sustainable economy.

One of the most innovative aspects of our research is the valorization of industrial wastes (fly ashes, slags, etc.) and their transformation into novel materials. The areas of our expertise lie in geopolymer materials synthesis and alumina-based materials.

Through a combination of innovative research techniques and cutting-edge technologies, we develop novel process routes for the synthesis of:

  • Specialty aluminas
  • Geopolymer based cements
  • Fire resistant geopolymers
  • Thermal-insulated Geopolymers (porous, lightweight etc.)

Besides our expertise in those fields, our infrastructure can support any process and characterization task related to the inorganic synthesis of:

  • Cements
  • Secondary cementitious materials
  • Catalytic oxides
  • Functional oxides
Process modelling 

At our research group, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in metallurgical process development.

We enhance our research activities by employing physical, chemical and computational modelling by use of scientific software.

With thermodynamic calculations, result evaluation, data preparation, analysis and graphing we:

  • Predict the behavior of metallurgical systems
  • Develop and design technologies
  • Optimize processes
  • Estimate process efficiencies and yields
  • Examine environmental footprints

Our modelling team is competent in the application of:

  • COMSOL® Multiphysics
  • HSC Chemistry
  • FactSage
  • JMP
  • OLI Studio
  • Fujitsu SCiGRESS

Our research team consists of dedicated experienced professionals who possess know-how and expertise in the field of metallurgy and sustainability.

We provide expert consulting on various metallurgical processes and methods:

  • Hydrometallurgical extraction processes
  • Electrometallurgical processes
  • Purification processes
  • Pyrometallurgical processes
  • Analytical methods 

We are committed to offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you are seeking advice on process optimization, intensification, or process development for waste management or valorization, we can deliver tailored solutions to address your specific requirements.

Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives while ensuring the highest quality standards are met.