Eirini Georgala

Junior Researcher / Communications Manager

I am Eirini Georgala and I graduated from the National Technical University of Athens in 2021 as a Mining and Metallurgical Engineer.  In my undergraduate studies, I focused on metallurgical processes and my MSc Thesis was on the field of hydrometallurgical extraction of metals from industrial by-products. I am currently working as a researcher in various projects and at the same time I hold the position of communications manager for the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group of NTUA. This combination allows me to pursue my engineering interests, while at the same time develop my communication and managerial skills. 

I am a metallurgy enthusiast, interested in exploring all aspects of this exciting discipline, especially during this period that fresh, innovative ideas are growing and being implemented. Consequently, I could be in no better place than with the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group! The group’s focus on sustainable, innovative metallurgical processing research, combined with its desire to actively participate and communicate its work within the European and the Global Raw Materials Industry, perfectly fits my communicative and deeply curious character.