Dimitrios Kotsanis

Materials Characterization Specialist / XRD/ FTIR / Raman

I am Dimitrios Kotsanis and I graduated from the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of NKUA (2000). I also hold a postgraduate diploma (MSc) in Geophysics-Seismology (NKUA, 2004). Since then I am a freelance geologist in the field of Engineering Geology. To enrich my knowledge in experimental mechanics of geomaterials I join the Laboratory of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology as Ph.D. Researcher in 2009. My research interests lie in the field of experimental rock mechanics. During this period I conducted over 3000 experiments for the determination of the physical, dynamical and mechanical properties of rocks outcropped in the East Attica Prefecture, Greece. My geophysical background allowed me to incorporate in my research study, non–destructive techniques that are capable of monitoring phenomena accompanying the brittle fracture of rocks, such as, the acoustic emission energy release. My experience in a variety of methods for the petrographic characterization of rocks allowed me to join the Laboratory of Metallurgy of NTUA, where for the last three years I work as an analyst for the phase identification of pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical products utilizing PXRD and FTIR techniques.

My role within the Sustainable Metallurgy group gives me the chance to expand my scientific interests through daily cooperation with researchers of other disciplines, and pass my knowledge to young scientists and students. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to be a member of a team that focuses on groundbreaking research and delivering solutions for urging global challenges.