Danai Marinos

Supervising Researcher / Hydrometallurgical Purification Processes

My name is Danai Marinos, and I graduated from the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Department of NTUA in 2013. My thesis was about leaching rare earth oxides using ionic liquids, and this was the first time I got the chance to work with the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group and Pr. Dimitrios Panias. During my graduate year, I applied for a scholarship in the USA. After being accepted, only a couple of days after presenting my graduate thesis I found myself travelling to Colorado, where I finished my MSc in the field of Extractive Metallurgy in the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in 2014. My Master’s thesis was concerned with beneficiation processes to process spent lithium-ion batteries. It was then the time when I decided to return to my home country and rejoin the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group as a researcher in 2014. Currently, I am a PhD researcher, and my PhD is in the field of extractive metallurgy and more specifically in the precipitation of Al(OH)3 from sodium aluminate solutions using CO2 gas. Through the years I have worked on several European projects in research areas such as leaching of primary or secondary raw materials, precipitation, ion-exchange, solvent extraction, thermodynamic analysis and acid recovery processes of complex hydrometallurgical systems involving mainly rare-earths and aluminum.

Working with this group for the past 9 years gave me the opportunity to be involved in loads of different research areas. I am privileged since I am always eager to learn new things including software, expand my math skills and anything that will help me evolve in every project I undertake. I feel fortunate because I am in a team that has very good collaboration skills and is always very supportive.