Aikaterini Toli

Senior Researcher

My name is Aikaterini Toli and I graduated from the school of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of NTUA in 2012. I currently conclude my PhD study in the field of environmental remediation in 2020. My PhD research focused on the development of an innovative “green” nanocomposite, consisting of nano Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) dispersed in a porous matrix. In the last 6 years, my research interests include technologies for soil and water remediation and the use of nanomaterials for environmental applications. I was a teaching assistant on the “Practical sessions of Nanotechnology” at the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies Microsystems and Nanodevices in the Sch. of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of NTUA and on the “Practical sessions of Transport Phenomena II and of Soil Remediation techniques” in the Sch. of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of NTUA. From 2020, I hold a position of Post Doctoral researcher for the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group of NTUA.

My research expertise involves characterization and rehabilitation of contaminated sites, development of in situ chemical treatment methods and soil remediation technologies. My experimental expertise involves traditional wet chemistry and various solid analysis techniques. My research initiatives involve a deeper understanding of hydrometallurgical processing for the extraction of metals from primary raw materials and the recovery of metals from secondary raw materials. Recently, I seized the opportunity to assume the role of the team’s chemical analyst, specializing in the precise analysis of a wide range of samples. This involves employing techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and emission spectroscopy utilizing inductively coupled plasma.”

I am very delighted to be a member of the Technologies for Sustainable Metallurgy group and have the chance to deepen my knowledge in an inspiring and creative environment. I consider this collaboration as a wellspring of innovative ideas borne from collective effort, and a valuable chance to delve into a highly intriguing subject that will significantly augment my expertise, propelling me forward in my future career.